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A large selection of textures for 3d max different materials: wood, metal, tiles, asphalt are available for free download.

For modern designers, the scope of which concerns 3D-graphics, an indispensable tool is seamless textures, providing the highest quality created in the editors of the visualization. A large number of 3D models are freely available on the Internet, which are essential for the realization of design projects. For example, on specialized sites you can download textures of trees of different species. To find these textures is not difficult, you only need to type in any search engine query and follow the first link in the output. However, not all online resources are ready to provide the desired texture in the quality desired by the designer, the texture is often not seamless.

Seamless and seamless textures in good quality are quite difficult to download, since not all sites are carefully controlled for lack of seams. Textures with seams are much more difficult to interact with, both when working in a 3D editor and when working in a Photoshop editor. This is why designers often have to create the necessary textures themselves, by hand. After all, even a scrupulous multi-hour search on the web doesn't always yield the desired results.

In order to be able to create seamless structures yourself, you need to have certain skills in Photoshop. An experienced user of this program will be able to learn this fairly quickly. To master the basic skills of drawing seamless textures, you should refer to the well-known techniques described in detail on the web.

Where can I find textures for 3D visualization programs?

We are insanely happy that we were able to realize the real dream of many designers - to create a resource with a database of seamless structures. We are sure that in our catalogs you will find what you have been looking for a long time. Thanks to us, you can save your time significantly! We will regularly improve this project by adding new textures. Share information about maxtextures.ru with other designers. The more creative people learn about us, the faster successful projects will be created.

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